Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most common questions asked about the LifePics Consumer Solution. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any other questions that you may have.

The LifePics digital imaging service allows you to:
  • Organize your images into albums by group
  • Share them with family and friends
  • Order Prints or create and order personalized photo gifts featuring your photographs
  • Edit your images for red eye, add special effects such as black and white or sepia, and crop them manually to a desired size
Our Share feature allows you to invite friends and family to view your images from anywhere in the world via email, or to post the images to a third party site of your choosing.
Our basic service is free. You can upload an unlimited number of photos for editing, sharing, printing, and gift creation. The only charge is for products you order. Your images will be saved to our site as long as you log in within a six month period to let us know you are still using your online photo account. Should you forget to log in, you will receive an email stating your images are in danger of being deleted.
If you upload your images directly from your personal computer, you can view your images as soon as the upload is complete. If you have rolls of film uploaded by your local store, regular service to view your images is within 48 hours. Please be aware we keep unclaimed rolls for 21 days before they are deleted from our files.
You can upload an unlimited amount of images for editing, printing, and sharing. There is no charge for this service. However, please be aware if you do not log in to your account within a 6 month period to let us know you are still using the online photo account, your images will be deleted. You will receive a warning email prior to this action.
Yes. When you choose the Regular upload speed your images will be uploaded at their original resolution. We do not limit on the file size of your uploaded files.
Yes. To download images to your computer, click on “My Albums,” click on “Organize/Edit,” and select the album. Then click on the specific picture you want to download. The image will enlarge, and in “Advanced Options,” you will see the “Download” button. Unfortunately, at this time, you can only download the images one at a time.
Once you have registered for an online photo account, you can view your images online in two simple ways:
  • 1) Upload your digital files from your own computer. You may do this by clicking “add photos” on the right under the welcome sign. Follow the instructions for installing the uploader. Please make sure that the pop-up blocker is off so that you can receive the pop-up for installing the active x controller (select “Tools / Disable pop-up blocker” in Internet Explorer to turn off the pop-up blocker). Choose your folder that contains your pictures on the left, and on the right your photos from that folder you chose will be displayed. Select the photos by clicking in the check boxes, or by using the “select all” feature. Once you have chosen your photos, click “send.”
  • 2) Drop off your 35mm or APS film at any location and ask to have your pictures digitally scanned and uploaded to the web. Simply make sure you furnish the e-mail address you would like to use to access your images.
The Deluxe Uploader should come up automatically when you click “add photos.” If it does not come up automatically, please turn your pop up blocker off. You can do this by going to the Tools menu / Pop up blocker / off. If there is no off option it is already off. If you are using Firefox, you will need to ensure you have the most recent version of java at www.java.com.
To claim a roll uploaded by your local store, click on the red “Your Store Uploaded Images - Click Here” link at the top of the page. You will need the roll ID and the claim number. The roll ID generally starts with AWA, RRR, or RRA followed by 12 numbers. Please be aware we only keep unclaimed rolls for 21 days before they are deleted.
We accept the following file types: .jpg .tiff .bmp .gif .pcx .png .tga. We do not accept PSD (Photoshop) files.
To upload images from iPhoto, you will first need to create an album in iPhoto. Once you have created an album in iPhoto, Login to your account online and click "Add Photos." You may be asked if you want to "Trust" a program from "LifePics" or "Aurigma." Click "Trust" and wait for the uploader applet to load. Once the applet is loaded,navigate to the “originals” folder. To get there go to Pictures / iPhoto Library / Originals. Then click on the year that the images were taken, find the album where your photos are located, and use the checkboxes to select what photos you want to upload. Click “send” and your pictures will be uploaded to your photo account.
When you first login to your account, click on the "My Albums" link. This link is located on the right-hand side of the screen under the Welcome sign. Once there, simply click on the album you wish to open and view.
Absolutely. When you first login to your account, you will see your images as thumbnails within the "Album View" section. Click on the album with the images you want to view, and click on any particular image to see a larger version. There you will be presented with an "+" icon, click on that icon to see a larger image.
To move or copy your pictures from one album to another, you will need to have already created the album you want to move the pictures to.
(To create a new album, click on “My Account,” then on the “+" icon to create a new ablum). After clicking “My Albums,” select the album where the photos you would like to move are located. Mark the check boxes of the images you would like to move. Click the Album and a cog icon will appear. Click on the cog and you will see the "Copy/Move" option. You should see a pop up window listing the available albums in your account. Choose the album were you want to move the images as well as whether you want them moved or copied. The images will be transferred or copied to the new album per your specifications.
To change your password, simply click on "My Account" at the bottom of any page, and then choose "Update Your On-Line Account." From there you will be able to update all of your personal information, including your address, phone number, e-mail address, and your password.
Once you have moved your images into albums, you can share the albums by selecting the album you want to share and then click on the cog icon. There you will be presented with a "Share" option. Select the "Share" option and click on the "e-mail" option. A pop-up appears allowing you to enter the e-mail addresses of the people you wish to share the album with or select the e-mail addresses from your address book. Separate the email addresses with semi colons (;).
You can rotate images by viewing the medium resolution image and then selecting either the rotate left or rotate right buttons, located about the album thumbails.
For more complicated edits, you will need to use our Edit Tools, where you can reduce red-eye, crop, and do effects like make an image black and white. To get to the Edit Tools, select the Album with the image you want to edit. Click on image you want to edit and select the pencil icon.
Extensive help on how to crop, adjust brightness, reduce red-eye, etc. can be found by clicking on the "Need Help?" button on the lower right side of the editing tools user interface. See the previous FAQ for directions on how to access the edit tools.
Any product you order online can be paid for online with the following major credit cards issued by US banks: Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. Please look over our User Agreement for additional details on payments for services provided, your options, and our liabilities.
It is very convenient to order prints and enlargements online. While viewing images within an album, simply select the images you wish to purchase by clicking a checkmark in the small select box directly below each image. Or, if you wish to purchase a print of every image within that album, use the "Select all images in album" function near the top of the screen.
Once the images are selected, click on "Order Prints" in the upper-right portion of the screen. In the next screen you will see each image you have selected accompanied by options to choose the print size and quantity of each image. Select a print size and quantity for each image, or for the entire order using the box at the top of the shopping cart.
Please note, if you are ordering an image that you previously cropped and saved within the editing tools, please be sure and order the print size that matches the aspect ratio (i.e. 3.5x5, 4x7, etc) you previously selected. If the print size does not match the crop selection (3.5x5, 4x7, etc), the image will be require cropping (you will be notified and given cropping options before checking out completely). Once you have finished selecting your products, click on "Checkout." You will be asked for your credit card information and whether you want to pick up the prints at a location or have them mailed directly to you or to someone else.
To see the processing times, please visit the blue “Service Times” or “Processing Times” link located in the upper right hand corner of the site. Gift items do take longer to produce, and the processing times can be found during the creation process for each individual gift.
After logging into your account, you will see the credit listed under the Welcome sign. Once you have added images to your shopping cart and selected prints to order, your promotions are displayed as [CREDIT] or [DISCOUNT] near the bottom of the shopping cart page, below the subtotal. In other words, the promotions are automatically deducted from your order total. Please note that free prints are only good for 4x6 prints.
After adding images to your shopping cart and choosing the prints you would like to order, proceed to the Payments page, where you enter your billing and shipping information. At the bottom of this page is an area where you can enter the coupon code. Enter the code in this box and click “Apply.” The coupon value will be subtracted from the subtotal and the revised total will appear on the resulting page.
Yes you can. When placing an order, enter the coupon in the coupon code box and the shopping cart will automatically total the remaining balance, if any, from the combination of the credit on your account and the coupon. Please note that free prints are only good for 4x6 prints. Also note, if you are combining free prints, dollars off and a coupon on the same order, the free prints are applied first, the coupon value is applied second (coupons consist of either dollars off or a percentage discount), and the dollars off credit is deducted from the sub-total.
Unfortunately, you can only use one promotion code per order. If the codes apply to different print sizes or products, you can split your order into multiple orders and use the separate codes on the separate orders.
Each digital image has a certain resolution (size) depending on the number of pixels within that image. More pixels mean higher resolution, which in turn means more detail either on your computer monitor or on the prints that you have printed. Also, the higher the resolution of the image uploaded, the larger you will be able to print photographs and retain a desired quality.
If you receive a “Not Allowed” or “Not Recommended” message next to your images, the resolution of that image is too small to print at the indicated size. You can click on the link to see what the recommend resolution is for that size. The highest resolution your image can be is determined by your camera at the time the picture is taken. The image can only be compressed or made smaller after this time. Email applications tend to compress images when they are sent.
If you are uploading images to our site directly, we maintain the original resolution of each image that you upload. Please check your digital camera or your digital scanner to determine the resolution of your images.
*Different per dealer The following is the minimum recommended file size to picture size guide:
  • 640x480 pixels minimum: 3.5" x 5" print
  • 900x600 pixels minimum: 4" x 6" print
  • 1024x768 pixels minimum: 5" x 7" print
  • 1220x960 pixels minimum: 8" x 10" print
  • 1600x1200 pixels minimum: 12" x 18" print

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