Kiosk & Tablet Solution

Solutions Enhance the in-store experience & connect to kiosks from your tablet

One Seamless Experience

With our new kiosk solution, she can finish her project at home that evening and pick it up in-store the next morning.

Cost Saver Solution

The kiosk providers of yesteryear were only interested in selling prints, prints, and—you guessed it—more prints.

Design, Products, and Access

Our new kiosk solution gives your customers the same design quality, product selection, and multiple access points they expect from a leading digital photo and print product retailer.

In-Store and Ship to Home Seamlessly Merchandised

Our new kiosk solution includes an incredible array of items that can either be produced in-store or at one of our high quality suppliers and shipped to the customer’s home.

LifePics Solutions

The One Omni-Channel Photo Experience,
Fully Integrated ONLINE, KIOSK & MOBILE