Kiosk Solution

LifePics is enabling customers to deliver that instant gratification with a browser based kiosk solution

One Seamless User Experience

When your customer is in-store, she should be able to access the same images, files, orders that she does when she is at home on a computer or mobile device. Our new kiosk solution activates this powerful functionality.

Our vision is simple: your customer is working on a project in-store but has to run pick up the kids before she can finish. With our new kiosk solution, she can finish her project at home that evening and pick it up in-store the next morning.

Lower Cost than Traditional Kiosks

The new LifePics kiosk solution model gives your customers what they want, both in-store and at home, whenever it is convenient for them. We are not tied to printing technology, and as a result, are able to offer you a kiosk solution that is less expensive and more convenient than traditional kiosk providers.

Improved Design, Product Selection, and Access

The traditional kiosk user experience has grown stale. Rarely does a kiosk have the incredible breadth and quality of designs that is offered by popular online photo sites. Consumers demand versatility and personalization; they don’t want their holiday cards to look the same as everyone else’s. Thus, our new kiosk solution gives your customers the same design quality, product selection, and multiple access points they expect from a leading digital photo and print product retailer.

In-Store and Ship to Home Seamlessly Merchandised

Photo gift offerings have been lackluster in the past when it comes to kiosks. Our new kiosk solution includes an incredible array of items that can either be produced in-store or at one of our high quality suppliers and shipped to the customer’s home. No one has a broader offering than we do, and no one offers a user experience from start to finish to match every customer’s individual needs.

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